M&R Feed Store Inc had originally begun as a family owned and operated dairy farm. My father had started hauling feed back in the 70’s for a company called Farm Bureau Feeds. He started asking about quality feeds and which were the best lines to sell, before you knew it he had purchased 10 bags of feed and brought them home to my brother Ray and myself to sell and get things moving. Thus, Mike & Ray’s (M&R) Feed was established in 1978, located in an old barn on our family farm. My dad visited some of his farmer friends and locals and started inviting them to stop by our farm and try our feeds.

As things started progressing everyone in the family pitched in… my mom helped with the bookkeeping, my siblings helped with deliveries, our cousin Sue helped managing the supplies. Our Uncle Ray made and sold hay here as well as things got busier and busier and we began to grow. Dad kept hauling feed and fertilizer for others in the beginning and would work our own business… not much rest on a farm, as you can imagine.

As time moved on customers would request products of us and we added them and really grew for their needs. To this day we still listen to our customers needs and try to service them in any way we can, as they are the life-blood of our business.

Today as we survived two recessions and a multiple of life’s ups and downs we continue to grow steadily with family and staff that believe in quality and good old fashioned service. Our store is located in the original dairy barn on the property where my mom and dad still live today. We are a small working beef farm with roughly 14 head of cattle. Stop by today and see why our customers consider us family, as we do them!